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Our good buds and La Escalera Records label mates, Bastards of Young are coming to Colorado to play two dates on the front-range with the BlackDots.

First, if you’re not familiar with Bastards of Young, go to their Bandcamp page right now and listen to White Knuckles.  You will find that even though their band description is short and simple “Bastards of Young are a band from Sacramento, CA. Over the years they’ve put out a few records and played a bunch of shows.” their songs are not. Layered with unexpected time changes and masterful musicianship, all wrapped up in an overall melodic punk sound, Bastards of Young deliver with a huge sound that knocks you on your ass making you wonder why you haven’t heard of this band before… And seeing the Bastards live delivers even a greater impact.

So, we encourage all you Colorado people to come out to one (or both) shows they are playing on the front-range and experience for yourself this amazing band from Sacramento, California.


Saturday, November 11th @ Three Kings Tavern – Denver

Bastards Of Young
Lawsuit Models
The Swindlin Hearts

9pm – $7



Sunday, November 12th @ Surfside 7 – Ft. Collins

Bastards Of Young / Black Dots / Vertical Arrays $7


Bastards of Young